Your Sweat Defense
The sweat killing contenders: roll-on, aerosol, stick, and rock.

Perusing the deodorant section of your local supermarket can be quite the dizzying experience—from simple deodorants to antiperspirants and aerosols to roll-ons. What you use to mask your aroma should largely be dictated by how much you perspire and the potency of your man musk, yet there are other issues to consider when selecting the right pit protectant.

Your Sweat Defense


Deodorant is formulated to mask odor and kill stench-producing bacteria, so if you don’t sweat a ton, a simple deodorant should do the trick—simply select something with an agreeable scent. If your pits produce big time perspiration, however, you’re going to want to pick up an antiperspirant, which prevents the sweat.


In general, roll-ons and stick deodorants deliver the perfect results, as you will be applying product directly onto your skin. Beyond your pits, aerosol antiperspirants can be quite handy for the excessively sweaty, and can be used on your feet and hands as well as your body.


So you sweat a lot? No biggie. It certainly beats panting like a dog to cool down. And you’re hardly unique, as there’s a good 200+ million people just like you around the world. Excessive sweating simply means that you sweat more than normal. While the condition isn’t exactly ideal, it is definitely manageable and even treatable. You should definitely be using an antiperspirant, which works to block your pores, and hence prevent the sweat. And applying antiperspirant at least twice a day—once in the morning and again prior to bedtime has proven to be quite effective.  Keep in mind that hyperhidrosis is a medical condition, which means you should consult a doctor if you believe you are suffering from this affliction.


In the battle against excessive sweat, the less clothes the better. But if you’re not quite ready to join a nudist colony, at least make some effort to be more conscious of your clothes. Loose in the armpits is crucial, and avoid man-made fibers such as Lycra and nylon—instead sticking to natural fabrics such as: cotton, linen, and wool.

If all else fails, find yourself a water park.