When it comes to keeping our face clean, we men sometimes get swept up by myths. We think seeing dirt come off a ball of cotton or having that tight, tingly feeling after washing means our skin is clean and healthy.

Nothing is further from the truth.

These “signs of a clean face” often cause more damage, because these are actually signs that the product you are using is too harsh.

It is a misconception that tight, dry, and painful skin after cleansing means that your product is effective. It only means that the product uses harsh ingredients that strip your skin of all moisture and care, which is where that little tingle of pain comes from.

The reality is --- tight skin after deep cleansing means you have been stripped of all the essential moisture, which causes a little tingle of pain on your face.


The reality is that you do not have to put up with these harsh products in order to get deeply cleaned skin. You can find products that deliver on effective oil removal without the unwanted side effects.

The new NIVEA MEN Anti Oil + White Cooling Mud Foam cleanses and cools skin without painful skin tightness.

It cleanses pores deeply and controls oil due to the mud foam formula which acts like a magnet to remove the bad stuff and wash them away as you rinse. It also has Carnitine that prevents oil from easily coming back.

The product prevents your skin from getting tight and painful because of its cooling and moisturizing ingredients. Cooling menthol gently soothes and calms the skin, preventing it from overheating after cleansing. Moisturizing benefits help to relax and repair the skin to prevent dryness.

Whitening effects from Rucinol helps to whiten your dark spots 10x better than Vitamin C.

NIVEA MEN Anti Oil + White Cooling Mud Foam is available in two sizes: the 50g at P114 and the 100g at P189. Rush to major retailers nationwide, because it’s about time you say goodbye to painful skin tightness.